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basket case

similar sweater // similar overalls // similar boots
I felt very Ally Sheedy in the beginning of Breakfast Club in this outfit today. 2 parts psychologically unstable, 1 part she’s got a secret to hide. What could have been a cool hipster or brooding badass outfit was just sort of clumsy on me. I think next time I break out the overalls while it’s still cold out, they will be accompanied by velvet ballet flats and a top knot to keep things a little more feminine and a little less clunky. 
Also, since I know you all love to hear about my photo-taking adventures, as I was taking these, a man approached his nearby car and asked if I had locked my keys in my car. I said no, I’m a blogger, and he proceeded to come closer and watch me fiddle with my tripod. Then he got back in his car, so I finished up and got in mine and drove away. AND HE FOLLOWED ME. Only for a few blocks until I made some frantic turns into a neighborhood, but still! Y’all, blogging alone in public is a struggle. #thestruggleisreal
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