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i don’t usually do these survey-like posts, but this week is kicking my butt and i thought it was a cute one.

thanks for posting bri!


…things you’ll find in my purse
1. at least 4 lip colors (usually closer to 7…); mostly revlon lipsticks.
2. my iPhone remote for taking outfit photos.
3. bobby pins (except on the day i really want to wear milk maid braids *sigh*).
4. the teal + orange wallet Dago bought me for our anniversary.

…things you’ll find in my bedroom
1. my teddy bear Lionel Rupert.
2. a notebook for middle-of-the-night ideas.
3. Contessa.
4. a magazine (or 4) that i haven’t quite finished reading yet.
5. a snack, because i’m a terrible “grown up” and like to eat in bed.

…things I’ve always wanted to do
1. buy a trip for my parents.
2. chill with a sloth.
3. write a self-help book or book of personal essays.
4. learn to french braid.
5. learn to ride a bike abroad (for some reason i refuse to learn on this continent, but can envision myself riding in Florence or Buenos Aires).

…things I’m currently loving
1. making scrambled egg sandwiches after a long day.
2. my ankle strap flats. seriously, i know you’re all sick of them, but i don’t care.
3. saying yes to new opportunities.
4. dreaming of a new apartment.
5. my bloggy friends. i’m so happy to have finally found a little community on the interwebz.

…quirks I have
1. if there is a song playing that i know the words to, i can’t not sing along.
2. i meow as the greeting in most of my texts/messages/encounters with people.
3. if i put on the wrong outfit in the morning, i will feel uncomfortable all day or until i can go home and change.
4. i’m really self conscious about my ankles.
5. i perpetually worry that people don’t like me and that they think i’m weird or obsessed with them.
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