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why you should start a blog in twenty-thirteen

It’s a new year! With new opportunities! And resolutions! You know what that means? It’s time to start a blog!
Here’s why: 

[blogging means saying what’s on your mind]
You have funny, important, original things to say. Yes, you. No one has experienced life quite like you and only you can articulate those experiences and opinions. You don’t have to filter yourself or limit yourself on a blog like you do on a project for school or work. Whether you’re sharing good news, looking for a little support, or stepping onto a soapbox, a blog is a great place to get it all out and feel heard.
When I’ve felt really passionate or excited about something going on in my life or in the media, I’ve used my blog as an outlet. I like to be a part of the larger conversation. Sometimes this is a little nerve-wracking, when you’re not sure how your readers will respond. When I wrote about Lady Gaga’s Body Revolution, no one responded, commented, messaged me or liked the post for nearly an hour. I sat in my apartment, ready to cry, totally terrified that I’d made a mistake in posting about it. And then the messages started rolling in. And the likes and comments. And then shares. Friends told me how they felt validated in their own body struggles and followers shared my words with others they thought could use them. Sometimes writing for yourself also means writing for the people who need to read the words only you can write.
[blogging means never being alone]
A lot of bloggers find friends by joining an already established community. Is there something you’re into that you could stand to write about or post pictures of on a semi-regular basis? Join a network (for fashion blogs there are literal networks like IFB and hellocotton to speed up this process) by following and commenting on similar blogs. I don’t intend on being a mom anytime soon (ever?) but if/when that day comes, I know there are thousands of bloggers who have gone through what I’d be experiencing to lean on, ask questions to, and laugh with in solidarity.
For me, writes like a girl doesn’t really fall into a single category, so I’ve struggled with finding a sense of community. I’ve been so fortunate to have support come out of the woodwork when I post things that resonate with readers who come across my blog. I may not have a ton of followers, but the people who have reached out to me because of words I’ve written are so special to me and they are the number one reason I blog.
[blogging means keeping a record]
For some, blogging is a cheap alternative to scrapbooking. While there are definitely things I’ve posted that I’m embarrassed to find on my blog, I value being able to look back on different chapters of my life. Lifestyle blogs are some of my favorites because I get to catch a sneak peek into someone’s life through a story they tell or the photos they post documenting their day. I may or may not write an autobiography someday, but at least I have my blog to look back on and remind me where I was when I wrote something.
If you’re not interested in posting about your own life, blogging still makes a timeline for whatever subject you post about. Reviewing shows or sports games, posting photos from fashion shows, or even commenting on news and pop culture are all ways to document a moment in time.
So, are you starting a blog in 2013? Leave the link in the comments!
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