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I’ve had especially good luck on my most recent thrifting trips, so I thought I’d share the haul. I don’t know if it’s my thrifting skills or the Austin thrift stores that have improved, but I’m finding much higher quality items than I used to. I think I’m going to add a new rule to my thrifting tips and start focusing on name brands and designer pieces. I want my wardrobe to be filled with long-lasting items and can’t afford to purchase them for full price, so thrifting them is a good place to start.
oo1. Banana Republic checkered blazer ($15.99)
I have a hard time finding blazers that fit my twelve-year-old boy frame, so I spend extra time trying on every blazer that might possibly fit me, in hopes that I will eventually find one. I’m usually prone to buying boy-child’s navy jackets from ring bearer suits and private school uniforms. When I found this checked blazer, I literally ran across Goodwill screaming Dago’s name until I found him so I could show him my new treasure. It fits so well and I have pinned many a blazer that looks just like it. I especially love it because it’s a little bit cropped, so the waist is cinched in the correct place on my ultra-short torso.
oo2. Oscar de la Renta tweed a-line skirt ($9.99)
I’ve also been searching for the perfect tweed skirt for some time. In the store, I fell in love with the color, but didn’t have time to try it on, so I just bought the darn thing. Once I got it home, I realized the skirt was definitely a-line and not pencil, like I previously thought, so I started planning ways to tapper the bottom. Cut to me realizing that the skirt is Oscar de la Renta and wondering if I could ever bring myself to take a sewing machine to it after all. A-line skirts are really not a good look on me, so I’ll likely end up altering it or saving it to eventually sell in a Shop My Closet type of situation.
oo3. James Perse henley ($5.99)
Last week, the lovely Robyn of Cleverly, Yours posted a hot little outfit of Free People overalls with a comfy henley and I immediately began scouring the internet for an affordable one in my size. I love the one she was wearing from Brandy Melville (it’s even called Nicole!) and I found a couple on sale at Aerie, but I didn’t want to deal with shipping if the shirt wasn’t going to look good on me anyway, so I went a-thriftin’. I rarely shop in the shirt section of thrift stores because there is just so. much. stuff. to look through, but I was on a mission and I knew just what I was looking for. And then I found it. And it was James Perse. And in my size. And only $5.99. From working at Nordstrom, I know how pricey James Perse can be, so I snatched the shirt up and took it to the front and happily dropped six bucks for my new favorite tee.
oo4. Urban Outfitters plaid shirt dress ($9.99)
For more on my brand new UO shirt dress, see Tuesday’s post.

Next I’m hoping to thrift the perfect mini skirt and a fitted black leather jacket.

What have you thrifted lately? Would you be interested in shopping my closet?

PS. If you haven’t noticed, I finally decided on a blog button (and fixed the code so that the new button shows up instead of the old one!!). Feel free to grab one and let me know you did so we can swap! Yay bloggy friends!

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