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Winter can be a tough time of year for dressing. For one, putting clothes that aren’t my sock monkey PJs on is difficult in the first place, but I struggle sometimes with knowing what colors to wear. Spring, summer, and autumn all have pretty easy color pallets. When it gets cold and dreary outside, I tend to gravitate towards greys and blacks because, without the help of Mr. Sunshine, I don’t have the energy to wear anything bright.
On days when even a bold lip isn’t enough to cheer me up, I turn to jewel tones. While I wouldn’t say that I prefer jewel tones against my complexion (they make me look awfully washed out/bluish and veiny?), I can’t help feeling cheerful when I have a cool cranberry or deep turquoise in my outfit. 
Because I know I still have at least another two months of winter ahead of me, I’m keeping my eye out for cool colors to add to my closet. Right now I’m loving this flirty frock, this dotted dress, and this purple animal print sweater.
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