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similar coat // similar dress // similar sweater // similar scarf // similar shoes // similar tights
I’m having fun playing with pieces in my closet that don’t see the light of day very often–or what I call ‘infrequent wears.’ You know how sometimes you buy something and then you wear it as much as possible until you buy something new and you forget about your last favorite thing? That’s what happened with this dress. And the sweater. And the shoes. At some point in my life (long, long ago, since I’ve had each of these pieces for 3-6 years), these items were in heavy rotation.
I wore the dress too much the summer of 2010 and it eventually shrunk in the dryer so I thought I would have to retire it. Nope! Turns out a too-short dress makes for a perfect layer over a sweater and tights in the thick of January. Who knew?
What’s hiding in the back of your closet that you could bring back to life?
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