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When I first got into blogging, it was actually because I’d discovered the Mormon fashion bloggers scene. These women believe in modesty, but they also have powerful voices and don’t confuse longer hemlines with lack of style.  Any time I discover and fall in love with a new blog, I can pretty much count on them to have a little tab on their navigation bar that reads “I Believe.” Not only are these LDS girls rocking out the latest trends, but they have a unique perspective on fashion and womanhood.
Though I don’t identify with any organized religion, the thing I Believe in most is Sisterhood. Like devout followers of Christ, I aim to live my life adhering to Sisterhood. The rules aren’t written in a bible, but they run through my veins and make up my bones. Sisterhood is about solidarity: never leave your sister behind; always believe your sisters when they speak their truth; support your sisters without judging them; listen to your sisters; stand up for a sisters even if they are making a choice that you wouldn’t make for yourself; reach out to your sisters; don’t blame a sister for a man’s wrong-doing; empathize with your sisters and empower your sisters.

When I make a choice in my life, I first think about whether or not the outcome will ultimately hurt my sisters who do not have the privileges in this life that I was born with. This includes my queer sisters, my trans* sisters, my sisters of color, and my differently-abled sisters, as well as any sisters who are living in a situation where their voice goes unheard or unvalued.

I am adamantly pro-choice because no one should decide for a sister except herself and I’ll stand up for that right until the very end. I actively support the words of female artists, poets, musicians, and filmmakers because promoting their work is something I value. I can talk for days about my love for the relationships between women in creative industries like comedy and music. I take my female friendships very seriously and I make sure to put in extra effort to have fulfilling relationships with them. My ideas about how to make the world a better place all lead back to The Girl Effect and I can’t think of anything I love more than having an empowering conversation with my girlfriends. Whether we’re talking about the various ways we’re expected to protect ourselves when walking home from the library alone late at night or about how to keep our hair down there, these conversations are severely important to me. It helps me feel validated in what I’m doing and how I’m feeling as a woman.
Like going to church or attending Bible study can be a refreshing, inspiring, and powerful reminder of faith for a spiritual person, having brunch with my girlfriends, attending women’s networking events, and working among creative and revolutionary women gives me strength. Womanhood is a special experience and I believe it is so important to share it with my sisters.
What do you believe in?
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