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girls 2×3 // get on my level


Wow, what a crazy episode. Not crazy in the way the crackcident episode was crazy, like I expected, but crazy in a hyper-emotional way. Even though the episode really only followed Hannah and a little bit Marnie, it felt like a fuller episode than the last couple. I’m titling this post ‘get on my level’ after Hannah yelling it up to Eli at the club, but also because I think it explains every character’s motivations in this episode.

After Hannah judging Marnie for putting her passions on the back burner for a hosting gig in the last episode, Hannah was inspired to seek out more writing opportunities to put her voice out there. jazzhate, the publication Hannah meets with, isn’t so much interested in her voice as they are in a voice who did some outrageous shit that’s ‘out of their comfort zone.’ Since Hannah’s sexual fantasies have more to do with her sexing herself than a threesome, she chose the cocaine pitch. Probably a solid call for Hannah.

I was sort of hoping for a more involved coke-quest, but I’m satisfied with meeting Laird instead. Unlike a lot of the characters who live in self-centered realities, Laird has cleansed himself of his junkie ways and takes an interest in getting to know and protecting Hannah. As self-centered as Hannah is, I think having someone who takes a moment to think of her is nice and is something all of the characters would benefit from–if only they would all cease caring about themselves for a minute and would look out for one another. Anyway, Laird is a good guy who genuinely wanted to help out and not just leave Hannah stranded with a strange drug in an environment where no one else was looking out for her.

In the meantime, Marnie is trying to do the working girl thing–almost literally with that old creep harassing her–when she sees her old infatuation Booth at the bar. Knowing he can say anything and Marnie will jump, he asks when she last had sex and then takes her back to his place in the middle of her shift. Booth is an artist who has probably never experienced the kind of pain and trauma he attempts to create, but neither has Marnie, so his art affects her. The scene where she’s locked in the television column was both beautifully framed and frustratingly emotional because it just shows how much of a mean person Booth is and how little he cares for Marnie or anyone else who experiences his art. He isn’t interested in the post-art conversation or the catharsis of engaging with his creations; Booth is in it for the shock factor. Either way, Marnie wants to be on his level and she’ll say anything to gain his approval as an art appreciator.

Back in Hannah’s cokeventure, “it’s a Wednesday night, baby, and [she’s] alive.” That is until Eli crushes everything Hannah thought she knew or at least believed in about herself, her sexuality, and her relationships with the people she trusts the most. Way to go, Eli. I do agree that Hannah deserved to know and this was probably the best (see: easiest; not healthiest nor most respectful) way to tell her, it did totally suck. It seems like Hannah has emotionally sacrificed a lot for Marnie and totally put aside any residual emotions about her break up with Eli, so to find out that she’d been betrayed by both must have been pretty isolating. Marnie has told Hannah again and again (even episode after episode) that she’s a bad friend, yet actively chose to do something that she knew would be hurtful to Hannah. So do we blame Marnie for being a conscious bad friend or Hannah for being a clueless bad friend? I definitely see where both are coming from and personally think they could use a communication skills makeover, but we’ll see what happens in the next episode.

What I’m looking for in episode 4:
oo1. More of Shoshana’s cute hair styles
oo2. Marnie realizing she’s a better person than Booth
oo3. Hannah looking for a new roommate
oo4. More discussion of what makes a good friend (sisterhood!)

Do you think Hannah or Marnie is a better friend? Do you think Eli will end up moving out?

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