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girls 2×2 // flip it and reverse it

It’s week 2 of Girls and a whole lot went down. Let’s all put on our shorteralls and discuss.
I’m glad the episode started off with Eli and George so I could get them out of the way. Elijah’s character isn’t very likable right now and, while I don’t care for George either, I’m obviously siding with him in this split. George said  “I’ve spent so much time confused and I’m not anymore,” a sentence echoed by so many of my friends when they struggle with a partner who is struggling to figure out what they want. Whether it’s sexuality or commitment, sometimes it’s the right choice to figure it out without the pressures of a relationship, especially when you’re clearly hurting your partner. I get where Elijah is coming from for sure, but that doesn’t make it fair to George and I’m glad he was able to separate himself from a spiral he didn’t want to be a part of. Maybe now Elijah can explore what he wants by being loyal to himself instead of disloyal to his committed partner.
Cut to Hannah and Elijah for a terrifying song and one of my favorite lines in the episode. While Adam is all “You destroyed my heart,” Hannah is quoting my 13 year old self: “I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drummer ever since i cut my camp shirt into a halter top.” When we’re 13, everything revolves around us and we just want to be pretty enough to have a boyfriend to treat us badly because it means we at least have a boyfriend. Hannah often reverts back to her 13 year old self when she’s faced with insecurities. Part of Hannah obviously doesn’t want a psycho ex-boyfriend to send her hostile music videos, but as soon as she believes she isn’t good enough for the psycho ex to get murder-y on her, she’s all “So you basically you’re saying that he didn’t love me enough to murder me.” Yes, Hannah. Exactly.
For the first time, I really identified with Marnie in this episode. Poor thing had a plan and worked so hard to get where she is. She took all the steps and bought the (Ann Taylor) suit and even got the interview. Only to find out that her dream job sort of doesn’t exist anymore because the people who have it are already employed. (Because what assets do you really have if all of the experience you’ve got leads to a dead end? “A Bachelor’s degree,” Shosh reassures. *Scoff*) Some say you have to make your own dream job (a different post for a different day), but in reality, if no one will pay you to do your dream job, then you’ve got to settle for a less-than-dream job. Like a pretty person job. Marnie’s putting the classic I’m-trying-so-hard-to-be-optimistic spin on her new hostess job by telling everyone that she’s making good money and the hours allow her to explore new interests. I hope this works out for her, because in my experience, these quick cash/pretty people jobs can be rather soul-sucking and slashing through any motivation I once had to explore other interests.
I’m going to skip recapping Shosh + Ray’s pig-bathing conversation, but they are precious and I’m glad they found each other. 
Having seen Jessa and TJ interact together before she and Hannah’s come to Jessa chat, it’s painfully obvious that Jessa is blinded by her perceived insight. She’s incredibly happy in her new life with her husband who tells her he likes her paintings as soon as he sees them and who tells her to get anything she wants, but telling Hannah that this is what life is like “when the hunt is over” is sending her into a new dead end fairy tale. I’m always surprised and impressed with Jessa’s listening skills because I never expect her to really hear what anyone else says, but she saw right through Hannah’s feigned excitement about Sandy and gave her the truth she needed (that Eli and Marnie were missing) to see that Sandy wasn’t really kind or supportive, he just wasn’t Adam. “If he’s not reading your essays, he’s not reading you,” appealed on a much deeper level to Hannah than anything about Sandy being a Republican. Though his Republican-ness inevitably did him in when Hannah broke things off so that Eli and Marnie’s “rights could happen.” 
And then there’s Adam in all of his psycho, milk drinking, non-murdery-ness. I basically felt that Adam recognized any maturity Hannah had in this situation and stepped on it with his man foot: “as a man living my man life, my desire for you cannot be repressed and to quit this pursuit would be to shirk self-respect and abandon my own manhood and that’s not going to happen.” Evidently, if man-Adam doesn’t want to be mature then no maturity will be allowed in any situation involving him. Come on, Hannah. Don’t lie to the police. First, you should have asked for your key back when he was in the hallway and then stood up for yourself when given the opportunity to regain your maturity. 
I realize I sound kind of annoyed with everyone right now, but I did really like this episode a lot.
What I’m looking for in Episode 3:
oo1. Hannah dating a bunch of different guys. (Maybe joining a dating site!)
oo2. Marnie meeting someone at her new job that makes her question this decision.
oo3. Shoshana and Ray on a date in public.
oo4. Jessa and TJ out with the group at a party/dinner.
What did you think of episode 2? What do you predict for episode 3?
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