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While all of you were watching the Golden Globes, I was waiting for my stream of GIRLS to load. I’ll catch up on the Tinamy zingers later, but I have been waiting for this premiere for months and it had to happen tonight. And happen it did. (SPOILERS BEYOND THIS POINT)
If I haven’t made this clear to all of you already, let me reiterate that Shoshanna is my spirit animal. With empowered lady truth bombs like “I am deflowered, not devalued,” and “I can deal with it because I have my big girl pants on,” I wish that I spoke less so that the only words out of my mouth were as powerful as hers. The little ritual at the beginning of the episode was precious, but sad because I love the idea of her and Ray (aka Shay). Lucky for me, I got some Shay action at the end there (and set to the soundtrack of my favorite song)!
I’m so glad that we’re going to see Marnie as a more dimensional character. I feel like the first season made her unlikable, which always made me sad because I knew there was more going on and that she wasn’t being given all the credit she deserves. She obviously works so hard and, instead of validation, has a mom who tells her that she “miss[es] the softness in her face.” Throughout the episode, each character who interacted with Marnie let her down and she was made to feel responsible for it. By the end of it all, I know why she couldn’t sleep alone. She just needed someone to be tangibly there. I hope Marnie haters will come around to her this season and I think this episode showed her vulnerability in a way we didn’t see last season.

While Shoshanna has learned to reject insults disguised as compliments and Marnie is sort of pathetically seeking yeses from anyone who will give them to her, Hannah has figured out what she wants but isn’t ready to answer voice her answer. She knows she can’t keep babysitting psycho Adam and that she isn’t responsible for his accident, no matter how much he tries to guilt her. She knows it isn’t okay for him to treat her badly just because he loves her (what the heck sense does that make?). She knows she didn’t enter a healthy relationship with Adam in the first place and wants things with Sandy (Donald Glover) to be totally different (see: logical & thoughtful). She’s a woman on a mission, but she’s going to have to let that gay- and psycho- ex-boyfriend baggage go before she’s able to start something real. I don’t get the impression that she wants a full-fledged anything right now, after how her last two relationships worked out, so I think dating is the perfect way to distance herself from all that luggage she’s trying to get rid of.

Is Elijah one of the GIRLS now? I feel like I’ve known Elijahs just like I’ve known Hannahs and Jessas. I’m not really sure what to say about his near-hook up with Marnie other than it’s probably a good thing that it stopped when it did. They were both feeling unsatisfied with their current circumstances, but actually sleeping together wasn’t going to change any of that. I wonder if Marnie will tell Hannah about Eli’s possible bi-ness or if it’ll just blow over because she feels equally embarrassed about what almost happened. As for George, I sort of don’t care about him and hope he isn’t a big part of the show (even though Eli says their lives are “intertwined”).
Jessa only popped up for a moment to remind us that she’s one of the GIRLS. I can’t believe she and Thomas-John are still together. I would love to see a mother-and-daughter brunch scene like Marnie’s but with Jessa and her mum talking about TJ. I wonder what Jessa’s parents are like. I like Chris O’Dowd as an actor, but I don’t care much for Thomas-John and I’m not invested at all in his character, which takes away from my appreciation for Jessa. I bet the next episode will focus on them more since this one didn’t at all.
What I’m looking forward to in Episode 2:
oo1. More Shay! They are my favorite and I hope he gets over his distaste for emojis because she’s obvs worth it.
oo2. More Sandy! I’m wondering if he’ll be an actual character or just one of Hannah’s ~lovers this season.
oo3. Less Adam. I have never liked Adam (not even in the Crackcident episode where everyone else seems to have fallen in love with him.) He’s bad and toxic and Hannah deserves better.
oo4. More identity crisises! Is Elijah actually bi? Is Marnie still unemployed? Is Hannah still Adam’s “main hang?” So many questions!
Congrats to Lena and the cast/crew on their big wins tonight at the GG!
PS. If you, like me, don’t have HBO, you can watch GIRLS for free using!
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