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cheers to the new year

Before I get into my resolutions for 2013, I think it’s important for me to explain that I make resolutions all year round. Setting goals for myself throughout the year puts less pressure on my commitment at the beginning of the year (when it’s cold and, frankly, my motivation is pretty low) and helps me feel more passionate about my journey to reach said goals. Sometimes the goals are short-term, like completing a cool project for the blog, or long-term goals, like paying off my credit card debt. When it comes to making resolutions, I try to focus on how I can be a better person over the course of the next year.
In 2012, I focused really hard on self-care and on cutting out the people and things that don’t add to my happiness. I’d say I did a pretty good job and I really do feel better about myself. Now that I’m graduated and working and generally being adult-like, my resolutions will be a little bit different. Here are my new year’s resolutions for 2013:
[keep in touch] 
A lot of my closest friends have moved away to do AmeriCorps, go to grad school, travel the world, etc. Losing friendships over distance is one of the worst things and I want to work harder to keep this from happening. In order to stay in contact better, I want to send more mail in 2013. Cards for birthdays and Christmas, letters about what’s going on in my life and asking questions about theirs, and little trinkets I find or photos I take that remind me of them. I’m on the lookout for cute stationary and lots and lots of stamps.
[make my house a home]
 I am not an especially neat person in my own home. I don’t spend a lot of time there outside of sleeping and when I do spend time at home, I’m blogging or watching Netflix in bed. Over the last several months, a mountain range of clothes has formed around my bed. I’m not entirely sure when it all happened, but the whole apartment exploded and I can’t walk through or set anything down without having to first move something else. This is not a cute way to live. Whether I stay in my apartment for a fourth year or move onto somewhere new with someone special, I want to take better care of the place I live. I spent 2012 tidying up my life, but it would have been a lot easier if the house I came home to was also in order. I want to hang curtains instead of pinning throw blankets over the kitchen window. I want to use my desk as a desk instead of an ironing table and I want to use my kitchen table as a kitchen table instead of a shelf for odds and ends. I want to have friends come sit on my couch and drink wine and bake things in an oven that actually works. I want my clothes to hang in my closet instead of on my bed so I can sleep in my bed more and dress in my closet more.
[feel healthier]
 This is the first time I’m ever making a resolution regarding my physical health. No, I don’t intend to become a marathon runner or even get a gym membership. What I do intend to do is buy groceries and cook them and feel good about what I’m eating. Instead of buying marshmallows and pop tarts and eating my feelings in bed. This isn’t a diet and this isn’t a health food kick. I want to learn to make meals. By learning to cook, I’ll know more about what’s going into my body. By eating food that I’ve cooked, I’m portioning and ensuring that the food I’m eating is actually food. I want lots of pasta and salad dressing and chicken and tacos. I want to buy some running shoes so that if I feel the urge to get up and move, I can actually do something about it.
By the end of 2013, I want to feel closer to far away friends, feel at home at home, and feel a little bit healthier in my physical being. What do you want in 2013?
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