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calling all feminist fashion bloggers!

Olly olly oxen free! Identify yourselves!

There are so many ways to network in this crazy blogosphere, but finding the right one isn’t always so easy. I know I fit in somewhere here, but I haven’t found other bloggers in my “niche” and I want to connect!
So let’s link up. I already post feminist-minded content on writes like a girl, but I think it would be rad to link to other bloggers so we can all be a part of the conversation. Maybe your content is also filtered through a feminist lens or you’ve thought a about how feminism could be a part of your blog, but weren’t sure how to incorporate it. Or maybe I am the only feminist fashion blogger out there…but I highly doubt it.
Not a feminist or fashion blogger, but know someone who is? Pass this along to them!
Feminism & fashion: taking down the patriarchy, one sequin at a time.
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