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Having a watch is seriously the best. I look at it constantly and I feel like a completely different person with it on. I feel capable, dependable, and even a little elite. Do I know what time it is? Of course I do.

Though I picked the watch out myself, Dago gifted it to me for Chanukah and I am forever grateful to him. Dago is sort of a watch collector; a connoisseur even. He loves Seiko and begged to get one for me for at least a year of our relationship, but those watches just aren’t my style. I am officially an Anne Klien girl. My watch has a large round face, easy-to-read but not geriatric-sized numbers, a thin brown leather band, and, best of all, is gold. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit if I’d designed it myself. Dago’s a little worried that I’m going to wear it out by overusing it. He might be right.

Here are my favorite parts of owning and wearing a watch:
1/ Rolling up my sleeves. Easily my most favorite part of wearing a watch is how cool it looks with my sleeves. Whether it’s peeking out of the edge of my cardigan or boldly letting my cuffed chambray sleeve know what time it is, my watch is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.
2/ Seeing the sparkle. I am notoriously bad about remembering to wear jewelry, especially on my wrists. Now that I have an everyday watch, I can catch a glimpse of shine when I drive, type, and eat. Maybe I can do this bling thing?
3/ Hearing the ticking when I’m falling asleep. Who knew that sound would be so soothing, especially when harmonizing with the purring of my cat?
4/ Telling time. I have always struggled with math and number and, consequently, telling time. Since I’ve begun wearing a watch on a regular basis, I am able to practice my time-telling skills and actually tell people what time it is when they ask–without looking at my phone!

Are you a watch-wearer? Am I the only one late to this watch party?
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