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5. Mad Men // 5×1 // A Little Kiss

Spoiler Summary: It’s Don’s birthday! And Megan wants to celebrate (even if Don doesn’t). In an iconic Mad Men moment, Megan performs Zou Bisou Bisou for Don and their party guests. Earlier in the episode, we learn that Megan is unhappy working at SCDP. Megan does not want to be Peggy, who fights through her own frustrations at the company when Heinz overlooks her brilliant pitch because she’s a woman. Across town, Joan is struggling as a single mom and fears she may be replaced at work when a joke advertisement goes out in the paper that SCDP is an “equal opportunity employer.” Apparently, no one got the joke, because half of New York’s Black population showed up to apply for work the next day. Lane decides to interview the female applicants as secretaries, in an attempt to salvage the situation. (Oh, and Megan Draper ends the episode by cleaning the floors at chez-Draper like a sexual deviant.)
MVP of the episode: Megan Draper
Character I didn’t love as much until this episode: Megan Draper
Favorite scene:

4. Pretty Little Liars // 3×13 // This is a Dark Ride
Spoiler Summary: The little liars are invited, with the rest of Rosewood, to a Halloween-themed train ride. Adam Lambert may guest star in this episode, but the real excitement came from the liars’ costumes: Spencer as Marie ‘Slim’ Browning, Aria as Daisy Buchanan, Hanna as Marilyn Monroe, and Emily as Barbarella. The liars get on the train, but aren’t expecting the A-team to be aboard. Mona and her cohorts pick off the liars one by one. Aria is drugged and put in a box that is meant to fall off the train. While searching for her, Spencer is attacked by an A-teamer and later saved by Paige. Away from the train, a small spooky ghost girl (seen back in season 1) finds her way into Ashley Marin’s home as a lost trick-or-treater. There are lots of flashbacks that further the mystery as to whether Allison is even dead/who killed her if she is, but the train ride ends when a body bag spills out of the drink trough.  (Oh, and a hand is shown reaching out of the ground at the end of the episode.)
MVP of the episode: Spencer Hastings
Character I didn’t love as much until this episode: Paige McCullers
Favorite scene:

3. 30 Rock // 6×9 // Leap Day
Spoiler Summary: Didn’t you know Leap Day is a national holiday? In the funniest 30 Rock episode of the season, the cast is filled with Leap Day good cheer. “Poke your eye, pull your hair, you forgot what clothes to wear,” Lutz berates Lemon for not wearing traditional blue and yellow. Kenneth dresses up as Leap Day William and teaches Jack the true meaning of Leap Day. In the words of Criss Cross, “nothing that happens on leap day counts!” Which Jenna and Liz took to mean that they should try to seduce a billionaire for doing “an Internet and now the computers like him.” In other news, Tracy finds a $50,000 gift card to Benihana which expires that day and eventually invites a soup kitchen to help him spend it. (Oh, and Liddy Donaghy might “experiment with Liberalism” and grow up to work for Habitat for Humanity if Jack misses her Leap Days.)
MVP of the episode: Kenneth Parcell
Character I didn’t love as much until this episode: Tracy Morgan
Favorite scene:
2. Parks and Rec // 5×5 // Halloween Surprise
Spoiler Summary: It’s Halloween in Pawnee, but everyone is feeling lovestruck instead of spooky. That is, except for Jerry, who was actually struck with a fart attack heart attack. Ron is falling for Diane, but doesn’t exactly treat her daughters like princesses. Donna is in a wild/crazy love affair with Twitter. Ann, after realizing that Tom is not right for her, struggles with defining herself independently from the men she loves while Tom returns to his love of entrepreneurship. Meanwhile. Ben is faced with the decision to move to D.C. for a job or stay in Pawnee with Leslie. Let’s just say he makes the right decision. (Oh, and Leslie is dressed as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween.)
MVP of the episode: Ben Wyatt
Character I didn’t love as much until this episode: Jerry Gergich
Favorite scene:

1. Girls // 1×7 // Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident
Spoiler Summary: The girls head out to Bushwich for the party of the century. Marnie realizes she made have made a mistake in dumping Charlie, Hannah realizes she doesn’t know Adam all that well, Jessa realizes she can’t date her boss, and Shoshana realizes that she should be at the front of her kickboxing class. (Oh, and also that she smoked crack.)
MVP of the episode: Shoshana Shapiro
Character I didn’t love as much until this episode: Ray Ploshansky
Favorite scene: 
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