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a little chanukah cheer

photo via my brother’s Instagram
Happy Chanukah! I’m a bad blogger and a bad Jew and didn’t properly wish you all a warm and bright Festival of Lights, so I’ll do so now. Luckily, there are 8 nights of Chanukah, so if I miss the first (and second and third) I can still make good on the fourth! I hope all of your Chanukah dreams come true and that you feel stronger than a Maccabee this holiday season. 
This weekend, I had one of the best Chanukahs in my 22 years of life. First, Dago and I exchanged gifts (post coming soon!) and then humored me and let me drive him to my parents’ house. Then we shared exchanged some witty banter with the ‘rents and my brother over fajitas and white wine spritzers. I love that my family is pun-loving and a little inappropriate at times because Dago fits right in.
Next we did a little present opening. And by a little, I mean the most and biggest presents I think I’ve ever gotten. One minute, I was eating leftover guacamole off my finger and the next there are several large, wrapped boxes before me. Like, printer, sewing machine, George Foreman grill large. That’s right–my family went hard this year and gifted me right into adulthood. (Thanks Mom, Dad, and Aunt Sandy!!)
All of my awesome presents aside, I was extra excited for my parents to open their gift this year. I pride myself on being a pretty good gift-giver, even with my small (see: non existent) budget. Several months ago, I was blessed with a taste of spiced apple butter made by a local jam fairy called Confituras. I knew immediately that I wanted to buy some for my parents, but decided to wait until closer to the holidays. I kept looking and looking on her website and couldn’t find the glorious spiced apple butter anywhere, so I emailed her personally, only to find out that she had none in stock. Oh no. I had to have this spiced apple butter under my parents’ Chanukah bush. Luckily, my lovely boss Andy directed me to a quirky downtown convenience shop that sells Confituras and might have some spiced apple butter. I raced over after work and, low and behold, I found the last. remaining. spiced apple butter. in. existence. Score one for the Maccabees.
Oh, and then we lit the menorahs and said the prayers. Because we forgot to do it first. Our b. (What? When you don’t do it for a whole year, you forget how to Chanukah!)
check out our hand menorahs! photo from KT
After a little more shmoozing with the Seligmans, Dago and I hopped back in my sleigh (Chevy Cobalt) and hurried down to a real Chanukah party–probably the first in my whole life. Dago proudly holds the title of an honorary Jew and got us invited to the best Festival of Lights celebration in South Austin. There was latkes and rap music and Shiner Cheer and the sweetest challah made from fresh eggs. It was definitely a festival to be remembered.
And just for good measure, here’s a photo of me and Dago with Santa.
What did you do (or are you planning to do!) for Chanukah this year?
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