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It’s about time I let that Dago of mine do a guest post on here. I may write like a girl, but he’s a funny and smart blogger on his own domain over at Something Catchy. In the spirit of the holidays, Dago wrote an awesome guide to buying the perfect gift for the guy in your life–whether he’s your beau, brother, or best friend. I’ll let Dago take it from here.

Sometimes it seems like all guys want for the Holidays is a few bucks and for you to wear yoga pants for a week straight. That’s not really true, though. The Holidays are coming quickly, and you’re probably sitting around scratching your head over what your boyfriend may really want for Xmas/Charmukkah/Kwanz/Chinese New Year (I don’t know when that actually is)/Diwali. It’s cool, grrl. I gotcha. Nic invited me over from my sports-filled life to give y’all some sugar plum sweetened tips on how to shop for your manperson. 

Listen to your dude’s whining. Sometimes, guys will give away what they want in everyday conversation about how much they really wish _____. Yeah, maybe you can’t get everyone in the world to use a turn signal, but you can for sure get him really useful items that can make his life easier. Men in their twenties aren’t usually into the big extravagant Lexus-with-a-bow-on-it type gift. They want something that will make their lives convenient and a little more baller. 

Also, men are shopping online more frequently these days because of the simple and straightforward interfaces and the lack of lines and crowds. As potential buyers for men, you can use this to your advantage to meet his interests and knock his Holiday Season present out of the park. 

Let’s get festive. 

I’m a big fan of Amazon Prime. If your man, is an avid online shopper, something like Amazon Prime can make his life easier and a little less expensive over the next year. They offer free 2-day shipping, awesome deals, and not to mention a growing selection of streamable content. West Wing, anyone? Ch-yeah. This guy.

Amazon also offers really great deals on DVDs and Blu-Rays. Men love movies and TV. It affords them the time to do the two things they love doing — talking shit and scratching. If it’s either just for him or for you both, DVDs and Blu-Rays are a cool, affordable way to go. 

Gift cards to online stores can also shut face in excitement. Sure, there is some aversion to the gifting of gift cards, but if strategically done, they can be something massively useful and a great idea. For the dapper gentleman/working stiff, Johnston & Murphy, J. Crew, and Banana Republic are great ideas for gift cards. WORST CASE SCENARIO: He gets some new duds to impress you, and you get impressed by the new duds.

If your guy likes shooting animals, Cabela’s. Music freak? Local record shops should have gift cards available. Nerd? Steam is having a sale! Maybe if you don’t like spending time with him. I don’t know. That’s your thing. Runner? A gift certificate to RunTex or Luke’s Locker here in Austin would be a fantastic idea. God knows they go through shoes and other things that runners probably need or do or whatever. Reader? Wait, where did you find a guy who likes to read? Books? Shut up. Okay. B&N (WHERE NIC AND I FIRST FELL IN LOVE) has some great offers on ebooks, non-ebooks paper bricks, and gift cards. Sometimes guys my age have a need but have never gone out and bought tools or tool sets. Go to a Home Depot and ask around for advice. They’ll be happy to help a dame. That’s what they tell me. Get a gift card, and show him around later like you own the place. Sneaky. 

Tickets to sporting events like football, basketball, or baseball games can also do the trick. Not into sports? Concert tickets are a great idea for a present as well. Sometimes people are so busy they totally miss a tour announcement and they whiff on getting tickets for themselves or for you both. Look months forward on the events calendar on sites like Do512 or Austin360 to get ideas. If you live outside of the Austin-area and have a account, there is a crowd-sourced calendar page with lots of upcoming concerts and music events wherever you may be. 

A freaking dog. No? Okay, selfish.

I think most dudes’ favorite outfit is jeans and t-shirt. If you think your man’s quirky t-shirt game is growing whacker by the minute, online shops like Etsy, Raygun, TeeFury, Threadless, or BustedTees can provide some much needed levity to an otherwise boring article of clothing — t-shirts. Pfft. Guys also sometimes, maybe like sports or something. A jersey is a great idea for a gift. You can personalize jerseys on the NFL, NBA, and MLB sites. Also, there are numerous soccer jersey shops that will do just about anything.

Finally, a lot of guys I know don’t accessorize or don’t know how to. Help him out by showing him the way. Target has great stocking stuffers in stores in their men’s section. They have flasks, MF’ing cool socks, ties, and wallets that you can use to open your man’s door into the world of proper accessorizing. Also, ties, cufflinks, and tie clips are some of my favorite things in the world. You can find a lot of good stuff or ideas for him at major retailers and also places like Etsy or the Men’s Fashion Pinboards on Pinterest. Maybe he won’t wear what you buy him all the time, but he’ll think of you when he is. It’s sunny in Texas and other places, I think. How about some legit sunglasses that are all polarized and junk

Men may seem impossible to shop for, but it’s all in the cues he gives you unknowingly, which is something men are really adept at. Whatever it is you end up with, it’s the thought that counts. It sounds cliché, but so is gift-giving. So, deal. More importantly, in order to come up with a thoughtful, considerate, and/or amazing gift you don’t have to break the bank. All of the examples I gave you can range anywhere between $20-$100 depending on how much you actually care about your significant other or how long y’all have been together, ya jerk. Consider packaging some of these together and making a gift pack. Whatever it is, he’ll be happy you thought about him and you made his life a bit easier. 

Isn’t he just the greatest? I’ll be sure to share with you what I actually bought him this year sometime later this month (we’re still deciding if we’ll be exchanging on Chanukah or Christmas this year). I hope this guide helps you find the perfect present for your “manperson” and that either way, you have a holiday filled with the gift of love.

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