ghosts of halloween past

2008, Peahen // 2009, The Cat’s Meow (also a LOL cat?) // 2010, Hello Kitty // 2011, Rosie the Riveter
This year, I’m back to dressing as an animal for Halloween. Rosie was a really great costume, but when else is it socially acceptable to wear cat ears in public?
I had an especially hard time choosing a costume this year because everything I come up with is really obscure. For instance, I wanted to be Taking Back the Tea Party and dress as a little girl going to a tea party, but with picket signs about taking my lumps of sugar back from the conservatives. So cute, right? But no one would get it without a long explanation. Last year, I wanted to go as Betty Draper dressed for Halloween as a forest. That doesn’t even make sense to me, but I liked it.
This year, I ended up choosing a costume that’s a little obscure–in that you can’t find it at the Spirit Halloween store–but is still recognizable. Either you get it or think I’m a cat stuck in a box, which is still pretty much true. Can you guess who I am?
I’m Maru!

I actually ended up being can’t-get-out-of-bed sick this weekend and missed all of the Halloween festivities. Since Dago is the best boyfriend ever and stayed in with me, I promised we would go out for Halloween dinner dressed in costume. What a fun idea, right? So off we scampered to Austin Java and had french toast and a chicken sandwich and delightful conversation. We were the only ones dressed up, but we were also having the most fun. See?

I hope you all had a Scrappy Howlaween!

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