birthday fall outfits

a very merry half-birthday

jacket: Nordstrom Rack // dress: Gap Outlet // boots: DSW (so old) // tights & necklace: Target
Something funny happened when I was taking these photos that made the stripes on this dress all spectacularly distorted. The effect is a little special, and more than a little unwanted, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it go away, so here it is.
This is one of those outfits that I didn’t have in mind beforehand or even spend much time thinking through as I was putting it together. Generally, I would say this outfit has a lot of elements I’m not to keen on, but I actually like it anyway. I am getting way more use out of this denim jacket (that I was guilted into purchasing while working at Nordstrom) than I ever imagined. I feel a little bit like a college student in the nineties–jean jacket & combat boots–so I’m pumping up the jams from my childhood today to celebrate.
Speaking of celebrating, it’s my half-birthday! I don’t know if anyone else celebrates these, but I like to see it as an opportunity for a little self-love and reflection of where I’ve come in the past six months and where I think I’ll be in the next.
Probably unsurprisingly to my fellow disgruntled Texans, the high today is in the mid 80s, which is about the same as it is in May. Every where I went today, people were sporting flip flops and cut offs, but I am determined to make Fall happen.
See you tomorrow for Thanksgiving, my little turkey dumplings!
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