fall friendship outfits


blazer & shirt: eternally borrowed from brother // jeans: American Eagle (on sale now!) // boots: Charlotte Russe (similar) // belt: Target

I am a genuinely excitable person one hundred percent of the time. The generally leads to me having good feelings towards nearly everything I surround myself with, including clothes and friends, writers and bloggers, television shows and singers. These good feelings always lead to me having a sort of obsessive relationship with said subject.

For instance, I make a new friend at work and want to spend lots of time with them, during which I tell them how amazing they are and how lucky I am to have met them. I promise these things I’m saying aren’t insincere–I am really so stoked to be your friend and to learn all of the wonderful things about you by spending time with you. So when I text you kitten gifs in the middle of the week or send you links to shoes I think you would like, I don’t mean to seem #obsessed, I just really like you.
Another example are bloggers I follow. I feel like I learn really intimate things about the lives of the bloggers I follow because they all write about their day-to-day happenings and share personal moments via close-up Instagram photos. It’s not that I’m a creep for knowing all of these things about your life–you told them to me and I happened to read it and remember! So when I comment on your blog and talk like we’re old girlfriends, I don’t mean to seem #obsessed, I just think you’re great.
Or maybe you’re Taylor Swift or someone from the cast of Pretty Little Liars, Dance Moms, or RuPaul’s Drag Race. I know I don’t know you…but I feel like I do! And I will defend you to your haters and celebrate your victories by reblogging your photos and retweeting your jokes. Okay, I might be a little #obsessed with you–I do follow you on Instagram and know a lot about your wardrobes and boyfriends and Hollywood beefs and you have no idea who I am–can’t argue with that.
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