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fur sure

skirt: thrifted // top: Old Navy // vest, shoes, & belt: Target (vest from the Girl’s section)
I had so much fun doing this little photo shoot with the lovely Whitney Laas. Actually, she may not want me to call her lovely. She’s f*cking fierce, y’all, I can’t even front.
In fact, Whit is so fierce that I got really camera shy and made her job really hard by being awkward in 87% of these photos. (Did you know that being a fashion blogger and being a model are different? They so are. I can’t stress this enough!) Luckily, she’s a rock star and made me look awesome anyway. How cool are these photos? I feel so fancy–having my picture taken, wearing fake fur, being downtown at dusk. 
The story behind this vest is that I wanted to try out the fur vest trend without really committing to it financially. I’m generally anti-vest because if I’m cold, why would I not cover my arms? I have my belly and my lady lumps to keep my torso warm already, shouldn’t I focus on my poor, shivering wrists? Anyway, I thought a Target fur vest would be an inexpensive way to give the trend a try, but they didn’t have one. In the women’s section, that is. Fortunately, Target thinks fur vests are perfect for little girls and I totally scored with this find.
So thanks Target, Whit, and fancy little girls for making this post possible.

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