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Have I ever told y’all about the time I did social media? Because it’s something I do. Granted, if you’re reading this, you probably do social media too.
See, last SXSW, Dago and I were walking down S. Congress–something we do on a regular, non-touristy basis–and the street was filled with festival-goers. It must have been during the Interactive portion of the festival, because everyone was talking about what companies and organizations they work for doing social media. Being the pretentious hipsters that we are (harharhar) Dago and I started speaking in funny voices and coming up with random things that one might “do social media for.”
For instance:
+ferrets who wear hats
+support group for men who have rims of hair around their head
+professional darts league
+gluten free laundry detergent factory
+knitted slippers for furniture Etsy shop
Anyway, I now do social media for a local wedding photographer. Today I wore this outfit to two different social media workshops. Check me out.

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