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jacket: Target // shirt & jeans: Gap // necklace: Francesca’s Collections (similar)
Some girls may fear one day becoming their mothers. I wasn’t close to my mom growing up, but as soon as I left for college, we became best friends. I am so proud to say that I am absolutely my mother’s daughter. I am every bit as insecure and defensive as she can be, but I also inherited her resilience and strong sense of self.

And I inherited her love for jackets. At any given time, my mom has six or seven jackets in her backseat, just in case. I love color and weight and texture and jackets are the most perfect garment to play with all three. So thanks, Mom, for passing down your cold-natured body and your warm heart. And your jackets.

I leave you all with this lovely picture of my love. Ain’t he the cutest?
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