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As a distraction from my Pretty Little Liars kick (which was supposed to be a distraction from my other distractions), here’s a collection of things pulling my heart strings this week.
Floral Loafers
I’ve been having trouble getting into the loafer trend. Not because they aren’t a wonderfully versatile shoe, but because I can’t make up my mind about what I want. Cue the floral loafer. It literally transcends seasons and is super comfy year-round.
PS. While I was searching for floral loafers for this post, I came across a MAJOR FIND:
My most sought after item now comes in a knock off! On the left, you see the ridiculous real deal Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat for $660. To the right is the $21.20 version. Don’t mind if I do!
Grammar Art
I may be done with school, but that doesn’t mean I’ve no need for a little grammar in my everyday life. Who says classroom art has to stay in the classroom? I would love to have any of these hanging in my future office apartment (or around my neck!). Maybe I’ve been looking at my Facebook newsfeed too much, I can’t help but think these would make fabulous gifts to first-year teachers setting up their classrooms for the new school year.
DIY Thank You Notes

After a summer of job interviews, graduation gifts, and birthday parties, I’ve realized how convenient it would be to have a stash of thank you notes ready and waiting. Everyone appreciates receiving thanks and we definitely love getting mail, so why not add the extra touch of a handmade card to push your gratitude into the special memory territory of your recipient’s mind. Whether it’s for your potential employer or your mother-in-law, they will remember the extra effort you gave. Plus, who doesn’t love a good craft? I’m thinking metallic sequins and rubber stamps for mine.

It’s no secret that I love BFFs. This week, my heart beats for Taylena: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. I adore them both as individuals, so my love is only amplified when I see them together. They both rock the industry without letting it rock them back. I’m all about positive influences and strong support systems, which is exactly what T-Swift and Selena provide for each other. (If you don’t believe me, look how excited they are to perform on stage together!)
Where’s your heart hanging out this week?
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