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Sorry it’s been a while, lovelies. Work is hard and really, really time consuming. Who knew? Keep an eye out for a longer letter later on what’s been up with me, but enjoy these pretty things in the meantime.

Fluffy Rugs
I, especially the lower half of my body, forgot how hard it is to stand all day during work. My feet have been swollen like a pregnant elephant and all I want when I get off work is to put my feet on something soft. Is that silly? It’s the simple things, y’all, and I simply love rubbing my feet on furry, shaggy, deliciously lavish rugs. I’m obsessed with this Urban Outfitters rug (above) and I have an Ikea sheepskin rug beneath my desk as motivation to sit at it.
Neon Soles
When I saw these TOMS last fall, I knew neon soles would be trending in spring. I’m glad I was right because I really dig them. I bought these Madden Girl gladiator sandals for work last week and I have worn them every day since. To take this look into fall, I’m lusting over neon-soled oxfords. The leopard ones are sassy. 
 Grown-up Tutus
Last week was a big ole blogging first for me–I won a giveaway! Urban Anthropology held a Shabby Apple giveaway for a $50 gift card and I won it. So exciting. I promptly ordered my most coveted item from the shop, the Tinsel Town skirt. As you can see, it’s kind of an upgraded tutu skirt. Look out for posts from me about how to style it and be sure to check out this precious post from Kristine Or Polly rocking the skirt her own way. PS. Kristine Or Polly is holding a Shabby Apply giveaway right now through Wednesday July 25th! Go enter!
Hair-Growth Inspiration
When it comes to self control, growing my bangs out is among the most difficult things I’ve done. Once upon a time, I had luscious mermaid hair and it was wonderful. Every time my bangs get wonky or greasy or my hair throws a temper tantrum, I look at these photos and remember what I’m working towards. Julie over at Orchid Grey has a great post on growing out your bangs that I’ve found super helpful in desperate times.
And lastly, my heart goes out to all of those affected by the shooting in Aurora. There’s a neat post I saw going around on Facebook asking Christian Bale to visit the injured children in the hospital dressed as Batman. I love what the original poster says about teaching children that heroes really exist, not just the bad guys.
Where’s your heart this week?
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