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*Over the last couple of months, I set some new goals for this blog. I’ve spent a lot of time reading other blogs and magazines  to help me adjust the scope of my blogging and inspire new content ideas. Keep an eye out for more tutorials and outfit posts, as well as personal favorites from around the beautysphere and style scene.

My heart has been a little all over the place this last week. Half of me wants to spend all day primping and playing with beauty products and trying out new tutorials while the other half wants to scrub off all the make up and let the sunshine freckle my bare skin. Here are a few things I’m extra excited about this week:

Aerie Padded Low Impact Sports Bra
So this is a game that I’m obviously ten years late to, but I LOVE sports bras! I have never felt such comfort in my whole life. Being a girl with not-a-lot on top, I spent many years wearing bras of the push-up variety and avoided sports bras like the plague for fear that I would become a pre-pubescent boy. 
Upon recently discovering the greatness that is sports bras, I now feel more comfortable in my body than ever and proudly flaunt my flat-chested frame in clothes that flatter instead of “enhance” what isn’t really there. This Aerie bra rocks because it’s a little bit padded, has teensy straps that hide beneath racer-back tops and dresses, AND I never feel like I have to actually do sports when I wear it.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti

You know when you’re looking for the perfect lip color for what seems like eons? And then you find it? And you reapply it every half hour like a crazy person? This lip butter is perfect for that and the Tutti Frutti color is exactly the melony-coraly-orangey shade I’ve been searching for. Plus, it smells kind of like Creamsicle icing.

Birchbox for Glamour Hollywood Waves Tutorial

I watched this and thought “why have I never curled my hair like this before? It must be crazy-hard to do.” Nope. Turns out it is not only crazy-easy, but it’s the fastest way I’ve ever curled my hair and it looks great. For everyday hair, use his technique of curling from the middle of the strand, but don’t worry about curling every piece in the same direction or brushing it out. For a little extra hold (especially in this killer Austin heat), I use Aussie’s Mega hairspray in Flexible Hold. (NSFW)
I consider myself to be an open minded person, especially regarding sex-positive rhetoric and individualism. And then there are the OKC Enemies. If you’re not familiar, OKCupid is a dating website that matches you with other users based on your percentages of being a match, friend, and enemy. The awesome curator of this Tumblr page is collecting OKC’s absolute worst. From sex offenders and racists to the socially inept and  offensively ignorant, OKC Enemies brings the bottom of the online dating pool to the Internet’s surface. Beware!

Flower Crowns


I went to Blues on the Green last night and all I wanted was a flower crown. Definitely going to have to make one of these for the next outing.
“Call Your Girlfriend” (Robyn/Erato Cover) – Lennon and Maisy

If you follow me on Tumblr or Facebook, you’ve seen me post this already. I literally can’t get enough of this song/cover or these two precious girls. Ridiculously talented, ridiculously catchy. Enjoy!

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Where is your heart this week?

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