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Denim Day

It’s Denim Day, y’all! I hope you zipped and buttoned into your favorite, tightest, shortest, or most comfortable denim today to support survivors of sexual assault. Remember, it isn’t about how tight your jeans are or how short your skirt is; the only way to prevent sexual assault is to not commit sexual assault.

While I’m on the topic of exercising our rights, I want to promote an important event happening nationwide this weekend. Whether you identify as female or not, we need to unite against the war on women in this country. Many politicians seem to think that women’s bodies are part of their campaign platform and that they are the real experts on our sexual and reproductive health. If you’ll be in Austin this weekend, I hope to see you at the rally. (Seriously, comment if you’re going and let’s meet up!) For more information about rallying in your own state, check out the official website.


PS. I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I have no idea how bloggers who are about to graduate from college have time to take photos, edit them, and blog them during the clusterf-ck that is these final weeks of school. I’m going to continue to be pretty distant until closer to May 12 (the big day!), so make sure to keep up with me on Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram til then!

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