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Une Jupe de Pavot

skirt and cardigan: thrifted; blouse: Old Navy (similar); shoes: Nordstrom Rack (similar); bracelet and necklace: family heirlooms

Before seeing The Lorax (which is fantastic, by the way) with my BFF Britt Sunday night, I loitered in a pop-up thrift shop outside the Alamo Drafthouse. Not that I thought I wouldn’t love anything I saw, but I didn’t expect to buy anything as I was perusing racks of mostly ’70s era clothing. From across the store, I spotted this rich, printed fabric and scampered over to it, unknowing even what article of clothing it might be.

Not only did it turn out to be a gorgeous, full skirt, but it fit me perfectly in the waist and length. The skirt had been marked down to $20 from an originally unmentionable price, so I snagged it off the rack and quickly paid while Britt waited patiently with our tickets. Good friends and good finds.

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