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Body (Self-) Conscious Skirt

Since it’s about time I did a one-piece-three-ways post, I thought I’d pick something I have trouble styling myself. In general, I find skirts difficult to style because I rely so heavily on the ease of a dress and the majority of my tops were bought with the intention of being worn with jeans. 
I can’t tell you how many times I have tried on one of these body con skirts and then wept in the dressing room with the stretchy fabric around my ankles. Nothing in the world makes me feel as fat or lumpy as a body con skirt. To the girls who can wear these without flaw, I worship you. I’m a slender girl, but I have a disproportionately curvy butt and thighs. If the rest of my body were built in a more voluptuous frame, I would wear nothing but body con skirts every day. However, at my current size, they mostly just look silly.

I’ve always tried to be a brave little toaster when it comes to fashion, especially when it comes to figuring out pieces that I think might make other girls feel as badly about themselves as I do. The result: how to wear a body con pencil skirt three ways without feeling too bootylicious or lumpy.
Look 1. An untucked, fitted striped sweater with loafers and a belt. I chose this sweater because the stripes draw attention to my top half and away from my hips. Keeping the sweater untucked and belted also eliminates any VPL or wrinkles in the skirt that my tummy might cause, while still looking totally pulled together. I could easily wear this to work or class and feel like I had a professional edge without being stuffy.
Look 2. A flouncy black tank, grey wedges, and a long necklace. Because I bought this skirt primarily for “going out” purposes, I wanted to give it a little classy 6th St. styling. This blouse is full enough that I can tuck in just the hem, so that there aren’t tucked-in shirt wrinkles across my hips and bum. Also, it gives me a little room to breathe in such a tight skirt so that I don’t feel like I have to suck in all night. I added the long necklace to draw attention below my small bust, but above my hips. I think I’d feel comfortable out dancing in this and not feel under or over-dressed.

Look 3. A chambray shirt, brown sandals, and a long necklace. Spring is nearly upon us, my fellow Texans. I’ve been loving the look of knotted chambray shirts lately but don’t feel as comfortable wearing them with low-rise jeans. The high-waist of this skirt allows me to knot the shirt right at my natural waist and not show any midriff in the process. (I sound like such a Mormon fashion blogger today, amirite?) The sandals are super Spring-y and I love the knot-esque necklace paired with the knotted shirt. This outfit is really easy and carefree, so you’ll probably see my in it at least once during SXSW.

How would you style a body con skirt? What piece makes you the most body self-conscious?

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