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Valentine’s and Peter Pan Collars

Valentine’s day is a little different this year than it has been in the past. Last year I received Pokémon-themed chocolates from a boy on OkCupid, for several years I’ve celebrated by attending The Vagina Monologues, and once it even snowed. This Valentine’s day, I’ve got a hot date with a new therapist. Yay?

I don’t really imagine that my appointment will be all that hot, unless of course I have a break down and get a fever or something. I wouldn’t put it past my cray-cray body. Anyway, I’ll be spending the remainder of the evening with Dago, basking in our cuteness. He bought us a heart-shaped, deep-dish pizza, but we got hungry and ate it Monday. We’re definitely the most romantic couple you know.

dress: Francesca’s Collections (final sale!)  / shoes&tights: Target (old)

Because we all know that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating the love of a partner, I’m celebrating the love I’ve got for myself by wearing something that makes me feel beautiful. The color and shape of this dress are pretty flattering and I feel confident wearing it. What more does it take to celebrate? Break out the sparkling grape juice (because, let’s be honest, that shit is the bomb) and get to cherishing the love in our everyday lives.

What did you wear for the big day? How did you celebrate love?

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