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Teacher’s Pet

If I were a teacher, this is what I would wear on the nicest Thursday in February. It may not be spring, but it feels enough like it that I shaved my legs, put my tights back in the drawer, and shimmied into the most sunshine-y dress in my closet.

Alas, it isn’t actually spring, so I didn’t want to prematurely break out my frolicking gear. Instead, I layered on my favorite fall scarf and a cropped blue cardigan, tied together with a single-looped belt at my waist.

I know that this outfit ideally calls for brown loafers or suede booties, but I couldn’t resist throwing on my princess flats to add a little glitter to the ensemble. Faux pas? I care not.

If you were a teacher for a day, what would you wear? If you’re in Texas, how are you dressing for this unseasonably warm weather? 

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