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Recent Purchases I Love

There are few feelings as sweet as buying something you’re really excited about. Being the retail therapy addict that I am, I keep my sanity by buying pretty things. 
I’ve had an iPhone 4 for almost a month now. Initially, I bought the Otterbox Defender in pink and black, but the largeness of the case prevents me from carrying my phone in my back pocket. (Giant case + back pocket = saggy jeans. Not cute.) Anyway, I recently fell in love with the cases at Society6. Don’t have an iPhone, but fell in love with the artwork? You can purchase prints, laptop decals, and stretched canvases in the same design.
I searched through, literally, hundreds of pages of cases before choosing this one. It has all of the elements I looked for in a pretty case: a cat, a girl, pink, and fancy lettering. I couldn’t be more pleased with my $15 purchase.

Before the Wu madness of this past weekend, I went on a little spree to Francesca’s Collections. I wore the coral dress on my date with Dago to the Alamo Drafthouse’s Master Pancake: The Notebook on Friday. It was a cold day, so I paired it with a tall pair of chocolate boots, grey tights, and a grey cardigan.

The dress on the left was on final sale for about half of the original price. I can’t wait to rock this peter-pan-collared shift on Valentine’s day next week. The dress in the middle was entirely impulsive and inspired by all of the pastel love that has been clogging my Bloglovin’ the past couple of weeks.

I can’t wait to get my case in the mail and shimmy into these girly dresses.

What have you bought recently that you loved? I’m dying to know which Society6 case you’re coveting. Share in the comments!

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