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Killing It With Kindness

To the woman who insists that her cappuccino be free of foam, stand right in front of her, deliberately spooning out every bit of foam. She will think she is getting special treatment and tip you well.

To the client who claims to know more than you do, validate his perceived intelligence by saying things like “Wow, you’re so right. I think an animated .gif would make a great header on your website.” Building trust is a crucial part of client-contractor interaction.

To the girl at the expensive department store who thinks she’s too cool for you, engage her in your shopping experience by asking for her expert opinion, leveling with her about annoying customers who leave heaps of wrinkled items on the dressing room floor, and point out that you wish you had her hair/shoes/arms. No one doesn’t like having their style, grievances, and abilities acknowledged.

Seriously, y’all. Kill people with kindness. If you don’t, you’ll both have surly looks that might stick on your faces forever. Faking a smile is better than not smiling at all. Who knows, you may start to smile for real (even if you’re secretly making fun of them and you’d really rather kick them in the knee).

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