Do You Wu?

Check out my mini-Wu collection. I wasn’t able to show up at 8am with the crowds, but I made it by noon-thirty. The first Target had literally one XS, which I purchased (see dress on the right), and no smalls to be found. 
The second Target had a much better selection, but I had to really strategize to get what I wanted. Seen in the text with my BFF Audrey above, I ventured to the dressing room to find any small left-behind items. Instead, I found a lovely Target employee with a whole cart of Wu to hang back up.
I snagged the adorable cat shirt in a large to wear over tights. Perfect shopping outfit for a later date. However, the blue blouse was a really lucky find. I picked up the medium to try on for giggles, but I discovered in the dressing room that the hanger was mislabeled and the shirt was actually a small. Hooray!
I still really want to find one of the bags and the blue&yellow floral dress. No such luck so far.
Wu makes me extra excited for spring. What are your favorite pieces? Did you Wu today?
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