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Condiment Inspiration

red jeans: Gap; tank top & cardigan: Old Navy (similar cardigan); loafers: Cotton On (similar)

If you’re my friend on Facebook, then you know this has been a week of stress eating for a certain blogger. Not that I ate any condiments aside from honey and cream cheese (on bagels, of course!), but I’m always inspired by the colors in different meals and how well they translate to clothing. I may not eat hot dogs, but I still find the rich red of the ketchup complemented by the smooth mustard color to be a classic pairing.

I’ve had a lot of trouble making outfits with these red pants because everything looks too literal. For instance, a navy and white striped shirt creates the perfect sailor costume while black gives off the impression that I’m dressing in Hot Topic items. So far, I’ve matched the red with grey sweaters and blouses, but the weather smells of springtime and I’m ready to lighten up my wardrobe.

Mustard is the perfect answer to my red pants dilemma because it is a beautiful mixture of a neutral and a bright color, neither overwhelming the other or clashing with my bold red pants. My beige cardigan is muted enough that it doesn’t compete with the other colors and my camel loafers punctuate the look without fading away completely.

What do you pair with red? What is your favorite shade of colored denim? I can’t wait to buy some high-waisted yellow shorts when spring transitions to summer.

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